Based in Santa Monica, California

We are a tenacious group of former management consultants, world class engineers, and highly talented designers, who set out to do what we love most – build amazing software for enterprises and startups. Our goal has been to provide client centered mobile app and web development, utilizing the latest technologies to create solutions optimized for your business’s specific needs. We know software, and we know what businesses need for success.

As a client of SM Innovations you will work directly with the architects of your mobile application.
This provides a more co-operative design process, and ensures that the product you receive is exactly what your business needs. If you’re in the Santa Monica area, we would love to begin this design discussion in person.
SM Innovations developers live and breathe technology.
Our team are experts in both front end and back end development. We have a proven track record of developing solutions that will deliver immediate value and impact to your business.
Once the development process is finished, you own the code.
But that doesn’t mean our relationship is over. We stand behind our work and offer extensive support that will keep your business moving smoothly for years to come.
Tools We Use

Our goal is to bring value to your business in every possible way. This is accomplished by using a wide variety of powerful tools and practices.

Our Specialization

Artificial Intelligence

Incredible precision, accuracy, and speed.

Machine Learning

Automatically learn and improve from experience without being programmed.


We help your company become visible online.

Google Maps API

Create a custom map for your customers.

Live Streaming

Allow your target audience to interact with each other.

Chat Bots

Chatbots use direct messages to gather information necessary to provide effective support.
How We Work


First we protect your information with an NDA. Then we meet, at our offices here in Santa Monica, your office, or on Skype.

These sessions usually end up with lots of free advice and suggestions being given out. (Hey, we can’t help but get excited about stuff like this.) If this should move you to continue with us, we move on to phase two.


Your team’s dedicated Project Manager and our engineer lead break out the whiteboards to delve deeper into your concept. Be prepared to answer some questions – we want to get this right. At this stage we are listening to YOU and this is usually done in person or Skype.


Within about a week, we email you a very educated estimate of the final costs of your tech solution. Once you give us your approval, it’s go time and our engineers start working on making your idea a reality.

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